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Malaysian Politics

KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has pointed out that the Opposition has repeatedly failed to win the Federal Government and is concerned of what they may resort to the next time they lose.


He wrote: "Barisan Nasional has faced various internal problems but has been able to overcome them and has retained power at the federal level. Factions from Umno led by Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim did not succeed in toppling BN.


In 2008 hatred for the rule of Abdullah caused many supporters of Umno and other component parties to decrease their support for Barisan Nasional to the point that five states were captured by non-Barisan Nasional parties. At the federal level Barisan Nasional’s majority decreased to less than two thirds of seats in Parliament. However, Barisan Nasional still got to form the Government at the federal level.


Consecutive victories since independence crippled the will of non-Barisan Nasional parties. An attempt by Anwar Ibrahim to infiltrate Umno to usurp power from within also failed.


What must be acknowledged by all parties, by all Malaysians as well as foreign observers, is that until now the electoral process has not been able to topple Barisan Nasional.



A majority of Malaysians continue to hand victory to Barisan Nasional. And why not? All are forced to accept the fact that Barisan Nasional governments have brought development and other blessings to the people. Barisan Nasional has succeeded in bringing peace and prosperity to Malaysia.


Every Malaysian has enjoyed a happier, more prosperous life under the rule of Barisan Nasional. Any attempts by opposition parties to decrease support for Barisan Nasional, and the good perception people have of the governments it has built, have failed.


Looking at the history of independent Malaysia and the results of its elections, opposition parties cannot be confident they will win GE13 and form the Federal Government. They cannot succeed through democratic means.


Seeing the overthrow of governments in Arab countries, it must have crossed the minds of the leaders of the opposition parties that violent and prolonged demonstrations are more likely to help them realise their ambitions.


But they need to show to the people, and more importantly to the outside world, that the Barisan Nasional government in Malaysia is cruel and oppresses the people like the iron-fisted governments of the Arab states.


Thus Bersih came into being. Supposedly the Federal Government cheats in elections, even though it has been proven that opposition parties in Malaysia can win and have done so several times if the people support them, whereas in Arab countries not only have the governments that are overthrown never lost, but 99% of the votes went to them…and it is still said the Malaysian Government cheated in the General Elections.


The Government has made the electoral process more transparent in accordance with the wishes of opposition parties. But they still accuse the Government of cheating.


There are so many accusations of injustice and evil thrown at the Government, just to tarnish its image.


The large and violent Bersih demonstrations are preparations to reject the decision of GE13 if opposition parties fail to win.


Their loss will be followed by violent demonstrations that will not end until the result of the election is rejected and another Government is put in place. Later they will try to have another election, one which they can manipulate."


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Source: MOLE

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